Change in METM19 keynote speakers


Lane Greene, who was scheduled to give a keynote talk at METM19, now sadly won’t be able to join us in Split. But we hope to see Lane at a METM another year.

Looking towards September, we are delighted to announce that Lynne Murray will be joining David Jemielity as a keynote speaker at METM19.

Lynne Murphy is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Sussex. Born and raised in New York State, Lynne has held academic positions throughout the English-speaking world. Her experience as a migrant in English-speaking nations has led her to explore issues of language and culture in the anglosphere. Besides her recent book, The Prodigal Tongue: the love–hate relationship between British and American English, Lynne also examines this complicated dynamic in an award-winning blog, Separated by a Common Language, and tweets a US-UK Difference of the Day on Twitter at @lynneguist.

Click here to find out more about both of our keynote speakers and their work.